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3 Tricks to Achieving 2017 Resolutions

Get in shape, lose weight, eat better, sleep more… did any of your 2016 resolutions flop? If so, you’ve found yourself in good company. Research shows that that a mere 8% of resolution-makers actually prevail in achieving yearly goals. With nearly half of Americans taking part in this New Year’s Eve tradition, why do the majority of us fail?

Think back to your 2015 resolutions. Do they resemble those of 2016? Typical resolutions are lofty, though admirable, and the average person lacks accountability when they veer off course. There’s always next year, right? The recipe to success is more realistic than you may think. De-railed resolutions from 2016 can become 2017 successes with three simple tricks.

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Make Goals, Not Resolutions. These are action items in your life- not aspirations. Break your resolutions into measurable goals and take time to understand why they matter to you. Consider the classic S.M.A.R.T. project management strategy. Making your goals “Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound” will hold you accountable and keep you focused on success. If your goal is to “get in shape,” ask yourself: “How will I know when I’m ‘in shape’? Why is this a priority in my life? How will I measure progress? What life changes will I have to make to reach this goal? What is my deadline?”

Be Patient. Change doesn’t happen overnight and neither will achieving your goals. Determine a time each month to check in with your bigger resolutions, or consider breaking them down to a monthly focus. If your overall goal is to “be healthier,” dedicate January to fitness, February to food, March to sleep, etc. It’s important to remember that achieving big goals may mean big changes in your life, so allow yourself time to gradually adjust to these changes.

Make Time. In this day and age you will never “have more time” unless you carve it from somewhere else in your day. Schedule a regular time to work toward your goals and consider it to be an appointment in your busy day. We don’t often cancel appointments, so this mindset will help you see your goals as obligations, not options. Share your goals with friends and family, as they will help hold you accountable when you get the ever-so-tempting offer to skip barre class for happy hour.

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Now that you know the secret to achieving your 2017 resolutions, we’ve curated a shortlist of some of our favorite New Year’s goals to get you started:

  • Learn one new thing every day.
  • Smile more.
  • Stop using the same password for everything online.
  • Put. The. Phone. Away.
  • Find balance, in your daily life and physical self.


Cheers to achieving your goals in 2017!