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A Match Made in Distance Running Heaven

A Match Made in Distance Running Heaven

‘Tis the Season for road races, and marathon/half-marathon training is in full swing for many runners. Whether you are embarking upon your first MUSC 5K Reindeer Run or tackling The Charleston Marathon, the key to a successful, injury-free race is cross-training. A regular training schedule includes “off-days,” so what is the best use of these in-between days in your training schedule? Just ask our marathon-extraordinaire, Barre Evolution teacher- Andrea Claire Norris.

BE: What distance races do you typically run?

Ani: Marathons and half marathons throughout the year, and usually one 10k in the spring.

BE: How often and how far do you run throughout the week?

Ani: During the week when I’m not training 5-6 miles 2-3x a week, during Marathon training 5-6 miles 2x a week with a long run on the weekend 8-18 miles.

BE: What types of exercise do you do to balance your running?

Ani: Pilates, hot power yoga & of course Barre Evolution!

BE: How does Barre Evolution compliment and/or improve your running?

Ani: It helps to strengthen the smaller accessory muscles which contribute to the bigger muscles and the whole movement of the body as a machine.

BE: Which particular BE exercises are most valuable to runners and why?

Ani: Core work & planks for sure! As a runner, if your core isn’t strong you are going to utilize other muscle groups which can lead to overuse & injury. When you have a strong core, the rest of the body moves with fluidity and control. Also many of the glute excercises, as the glutes help to support the whole lower body and the back. Abductor and adductor (outer and inner thighs) exercises work as well, as these muscles help support the legs and lend strength to the areas that give you more leg power.

BE: Do you have a favorite training season recipe you would recommend?

Ani: As far as recipes — I didn’t inherit my mothers amazing cooking skills, however I am a mean veggie roaster and nutrient dense veggie based carbs such as sweet potatoes, Brussel sprouts, and heart healthy beets (among many other veggies) are many staples in my meals. My pre-race meal the night before a marathon is always sushi! The protein from the fish with a littl rice powers me through the toughest races. Be wary of the “carb loading” myth — runners who fuel properly, with whole foods — minus the processed carbs — tend to have a steady stream of energy, low body weight and prevent the typical weight gain that comes when people pick up running and overcompensate with empty calories! I am not a believer in pasta, pizza or anything similar the night before a race, everyone I know who does this complains of “needing to lose weight” on top of on race day they have the dreaded “runners tummy” running faster to the scattered port-a-potties along the race route, than they do actually running the race!

A Match Made in Distance Running Heaven