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Are You Happy Yet?

We have struggled to find the right words to kick off the New Year. Seems everything you hear is all the same, cliché or stale. And then with our winter weather here in Charleston, the novelty of a new start simply got replaced or melted away with the snow.

And then we heard something that hit us. Last week, at the start of a yoga class, our instructor Shelly Wolfe from Mission Yoga asked us not what our resolutions were, but what we were practicing right now. Why? Because you see, the things we ultimately excel at, are those things that we practice, tirelessly, and without judgment on our progress.

She wasn’t asking us to practice more yoga, although that can help. Nor are we asking you to practice more barre, although that can surely help. What she was asking us to practice was happiness.

Many of us think happiness is an emotion that ebbs and flows, or just gets delivered each day, or it doesn’t, like a juicy piece of mail. No, happiness is actually an attitude, not an emotion. Happiness is accessible to us every day, intrinsically, at any moment.

According to scientific research, you have the power to take control of your happiness by choosing your thoughts, behaviors, and actions. All you have to do is choose.

There are many ways to choose to be happy. Here are 5 choices to start building your happiness habit. Then capture the feelings they deliver, and keep them with you all day, every day.

  • Exercise early, and often. Nothing like an early dose of endorphins to keep your attitude aloft each and every day.
  • Eat healthy foods. There’s an inherent positive feeling towards ourselves when we take care of the package we came in.
  • Exercise in ways that you actually enjoy, activities that you find the corners of your mouth turning up from, during the experience and the feeling afterward.
  • Play and be silly. Lighten up. Goof around with your kids, the dog, your friends, a bug. It doesn’t matter. Laugh.
  • Meditate regularly. Find stillness in your mind and body. Clear your head of ugly thoughts, because they are only that. Notice the good things around you, and savor them.

Take note, and this is very important, it’s not someone else’s job to make you happy. You must choose, and it does take work. You must practice daily if you truly want to hold happiness in your hands and in your heart.


XO – Nancy, Nicole & the BE Team