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Charleston/Mt. Pleasant-Area Barre Evolution Instructor Application

Barre Evolution’s teaching standards are rigorous. We are committed to providing safe, effective, fun classes for students of all levels. This requires our instructors to embody a perfect storm of elements-stellar form, natural leadership, passion for the Barre Evolution method, dynamic energy, an affinity for rhythm & musicality, an inspiring physique and finally, an openness for learning and receiving feedback.

Barre Evolution instructors are in it for a love of the BE method, the clients and the Barre Evolution community. We are a family. When the fit is right, being a Barre Evolution instructor brings rewards beyond measure – watching people grow stronger as they change their bodies and their lives is incredibly fulfilling.



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Why you want to be a Barre Evolution instructor?

What unique qualities would make you an inspiring teacher of the Barre Evolution method?

What are your available hours to teach? Early mornings, evenings, weekends, holidays? (Must commit to these hours for a minimum of 1 year). Are you available to teach Friday afternoons and Sunday afternoons (required)?

Have you made your home in Charleston and plan to be here for the next several years?

How long have you been taking classes at Barre Evolution? What do you love about Barre Evolution’s community and method?

What is your experience teaching other fitness modalities? Previous dance or gymnastics experience? Do you have a certification and if so, in what and how many hours?

Do you have experience with other barre fitness methods?

If you’ve taken other local barre fitness classes, please explain how they differ from the BE method.

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