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Barre Evolution Trunk Show

Barre Evolution Trunk Show

Guest Post By: Mary Sullivan Beckley

When you join a fitness program, you may commit with this thought in mind: get the toughest workout in as little time as possible so that you can move on with your busy day. However, Barre Evolution diverges from this mind set. In addition to sculpting your entire body, Barre Evolution cultivates high self-esteem and builds a community of people who respect each aspect of their body – a clear mind, a wholesome diet, and a healthy physique.

Recently, Barre Evolution hosted a trunk show to showcase new retail. Long before the official start and well after its finish, students, instructors, and Blend customers trickled in: many coming from a barre class and others with friends to look at the new clothing lines, try on locally-made jewelry, and most of all, to chat with other Barre Evolution enthusiasts. Clothing featured at the trunk show included Onzie Summer Solar System capri pants, Hard Tail Supplex Leggings, BKR water bottles, and Barre Evolution logo tanks. Prize drawing award winners received goodies such as mint lotion, candles, spa baskets, Onzie capri pants, and, where everyone’s hopeful wish went, one month of free unlimited barre.

The trunk show unveiled Barre Evolution’s newest retail from Vimmia, Liquido, Onzie, and Next Level and gave a glimpse into our venue Blend Juice Bar. Blend specializes in original juice recipes and juice cleanses and is committed to buying ingredients that are “locally farmed and organically grown.” The melons, romaine, spinach, cucumbers, and mint stem from Joseph Fields on John’s Island, a certified organic farm. Beyond juicing these ingredients in front of your very eyes, Blend offers posters and packets of the health benefits of ingredients: green apples as a source of minerals and antioxidants; carrots for improved eyesight and skin tone; and ginger for an immune system boost.

Barre and Blend together increase the well being of their clients and set an example of living locally. At the trunk show, Blend provided their signature juices such as their Gold Juice (pineapple, apple, mint, ginger, lemon), Green Juice (kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley, apple, lemon, ginger), and Juice Lee (orange juice, apple, jalapeno, kale, romaine, spinach, lemon). Along with the juice, attendees enjoyed healthy offerings from Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

The clothing lines introduced at the show are dedicated to increasing flexibility in movement and mind during a workout. Hard Tail is an all-American business founded by ex-Air Force Captain, Dick Cantrell, who saw the need for functional and stylish workout gear. Hard Tail is also all about color and comfort. Perhaps best of all, Hard Tail procures fabric from American mills and manufactures in Southern California.

Liquido models both high quality clothing and affordability. First begun in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the company now sells internationally. However, it still operates under the strict standards of Brazil’s Ministry of Labor, meaning that all employees are well-paid and treated with respect and tolerance. Furthermore, Liquido is dedicated to saving energy, recycling, and limiting its burden on the environment.

My personal favorite line, Vimmia, is a perfect representation of what Barre Evolution and Blend both uphold: balance, locality, and excellence. Vimmia favors the highest levels of quality, comfort, and style. Its motto is “Unleash your life force!” Vimmia embodies their values, setting high social and economic standards in order to maintain ethical production of all clothing including ensuring that production stays local.

As delicious and fun the juice, food, and retail was, the highlight of the Trunk Show was walking in the door to see a strong group of women coming together as a community of Barre Babes. Many friends were made among students, instructors, and Blend employees during the night. The event was a true example of Barre Evolution’s mission: to develop a method for every body while forming a community of women who enjoy a passion for Barre.