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BE DIY: Succulent Garden

With the opening of Barre Evolution North Mt. Pleasant Studio this Friday, we’re feeling quite fresh! Our beautiful new decor includes a sweet little succulent garden, so we thought we might share some tips to help you create your very own succulent garden at home. Follow these simple steps to prep your home for spring!

Step 1: Select & Prep Your Planter

Be creative! Succulents are extremely tolerant and can grow in just about any container. Teapot, bundtcake pan, terra-cotta planter- you name it. They do, however, thrive with good drainage, so the more shallow the planter, the easier it will be to control moisture levels.

Drainage can be controlled with a mix of succulent soil, sand, and gravel. Begin by placing a handful of medium to small stones at the base of your planter. This will help aerate the soil and prevent moisture build-up. Top these stones with a mix of 3 parts succulent soil to 1 part sand and 1 part aquarium stones or fine gravel. Succulent soil is particularly good at reducing excess moisture, and can be purchased at your local garden center. The addition of sand and small stones will improve drainage and prevent over-watering. Finish your soil preparation by misting the container with fresh water.


Step 2: Pick Your Plants

There are many varieties of succulents available at garden centers, so the hardest part will be selecting your plants. A few varieties to look for are Sedum, Hens-and-chicks, Burro’s Tail, Flapjacks, Aloe Vera, and Silver Onion. Consider size and shape, choosing a small variety of plants that compliment one another. Start with your largest bloom and choose plants that contrast in shape, size, and color. Planting in small groups will help each succulent variety stand out. Be sure to gently loosen the plant’s roots when transitioning from a nursery container, planting at the same depth.


Step 3: Finish and Enjoy!

Once you have planted your succulent arrangement, lightly cover the top of the planter with aquarium gravel or moss. The addition of a soil covering will help keep the roots from becoming oversaturated. Give the planter a light spritz of water and place it in a bright room. Succulents thrive in filtered sunlight, and will become weak if lighting is too dim. Give your planter a few days before watering again, at which time you should drench the soil. Refrain from watering your succulent garden again until it is dry to the touch.

Voila! Your home is fresh and ready for spring. Be sure to check out the beautiful succulent garden at Barre Evolution North Mt. Pleasant for a little DIY inspiration.