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BE Entrepreneur Spotlight

Meet Biz Foxworth, owner of Brown Fox Coffee Co. in Mt. Pleasant, SC

BE: What is your inspiration behind your business/becoming an entrepreneur?

BF: I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and I love people and I love good coffee. It wasn’t until I had the idea of a mobile coffee shop that the entrepreneur in me just took the idea and ran with it. With a lot of help from family and friends, it wasn’t long after the initial idea that the truck was finished and we were open for business

BE: What’s most unique/special about your business?

BF: Other than great coffee… Much like a brick and mortar coffee shop, we’ve become a fixture in our regular spot at 307 Simmons street. We’ve developed a wonderful group of loyals that are constantly connecting with us and each other. I’ve loved seeing these connections take place and truly believe that “good things happen over good coffee!” It was my prayer from the beginning that God would use the Brown Fox in unimaginable ways and He has indeed! And we expect much more in the year to come!

BE: How do you keep a balance in work/family/life?

BF: Is balance a real thing?! Just kidding. A lot of Brown Fox Coffee! No, really…. It is definitely something I have to work hard to keep in check. And I definitely have a lot of help! My husband and I value our down time together so there are times I just have to say “no” in order to give myself some margin. This was a hard lesson to learn. Also, I recently started Barre and have loved having the classes as a time to get in a great workout but also just have some me time. And lastly, I make sure to have quiet time to spend with God and seeking His plan for my life.

BE: How does BE impact your entrepreneurial journey?

BF: I’ve been able to connect with many of our customers through BE as they were already members. And through different offerings, we’ve been able to spread the word about Brown Fox Coffee to those at BE that have not heard of us yet.


Get the latest from Brown Fox Coffee Co. on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or stop by 307 Simmons Street for a delicious Mexican Fox Mocha (our favorite!)