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BE Entrepreneur Spotlight

BE Entrepreneur Spotlight

Meet Ashley Worrall, owner of Borough


BE: What is your inspiration behind your business/becoming an entrepreneur?

AW: My love for Charleston, textiles, and southern style inspired me to create Borough. The focus of Borough is creating classic yet versatile dresses in prints inspired by Charleston, the Lowcountry, and Southern culture. Each dress style is named after a Charleston borough that reflects its unique personality and the prints change seasonally.

Growing up my grandmother would sew dresses for me, fostering my love for transforming fabric into a memorable keepsake. I followed this passion to NC State University’s College of Textiles and learned how to design a quality product from start to finish- followed by jobs in apparel design, graphic design, and marketing. When I got the opportunity to move to Charleston it was a dream come true since I had always dreamed of calling this city home. The perfect mix of history, character, and timeless beauty, it’s impossible not to be enchanted by Charleston’s southern charm.

Borough unites my passions for design and dresses with my love of the Lowcountry and my southern upbringing. I was thrilled to find a way to share my passions and create products that I’m proud of.

BE: What’s most unique/special about your business?

AW: The dresses are crafted in the Carolinas with operations headquartered in Charleston and all production in North Carolina. Organic cotton is knit, printed, cut, and sewn in NC. It was very important to me to keep production stateside and I’m proud to say we’re “Made in the Carolinas”. We’re helping create jobs, support the local economies, and build on the Carolinas’ rich textile heritage.

BE: How do you keep a balance in work/family/life?

AW: It’s funny to say, but one way I’m able to keep a work/life balance is due to my husband’s travel schedule! He’s out of town two to three nights a week, so I spend that time focusing on my projects, catching up on reading, and working through my to-do list. Then when he’s home I’m not distracted on my computer! I try to maximize the weekends with a mix of activities around town and getting outside! A day full of activity is a successful and memorable day!

BE: How does BE impact your entrepreneurial journey?

AW: From my very first BE class I loved how calm the studio felt when you walked in. Everyone is so welcoming and the back area feels more like a spa lounge than the changing area of a workout studio. Barre is an hour of 100% me-time where I can clear my head and do something positive for myself.

It is easy to get wrapped up in work and the million to-do’s, but I look forward to my Barre Evolution workouts and make an effort to carve out studio time. I get to turn my buzzing brain off and just follow instructions, with the most pressing item being to flex my foot as hard as I can. In one hour I leave feeling strong, stretched, calm, and ready to tackle whatever else the day brings.

Visit Borough online, or get social on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook!

Borough | Classic shift dresses in coveted prints, crafted in the Carolinas for the love of the Lowcountry.