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BE Entrepreneur Spotlight: Anna Walston

BE Entrepreneur Spotlight: Anna Walston

Meet Barre Evolution Client, Anna Walston, co-owner of The Folly Beach Company.

BE: What is your inspiration behind your business/becoming an entrepreneur?

AW: My inspiration for being an entrepreneur (self employed since 19) changes over time, but the main theme is freedom to change my business to fit my life. My current company is inspired by the desire to partner with my husband, and create something that was ours together.

BE: What’s most unique/special about your business?

AW: I find the relationships built are the most unique. We are taking people’s photos or ideas and custom printing them onto different mediums for different purposes; like wood/metal photo prints, t shirts, signage and other marketing needs for businesses. In our short time we have met and worked on many unique projects, but my personal favorites always involve photos, I love seeing peoples lives in action.

BE: How do you keep a balance in work/family/life?

AW: I don’t try to keep balance anymore. It never seemed possible and then guilt would creep in, and I don’t think that serves anybody. The key for me has been compartmentalization, being present where I need to be present. Plus, I love what I do, I have passion to work and work hard, and that in turn allows me to live my best life with family and friends.

BE: How does BE impact your entrepreneurial journey?

AW: I love this question! BE is my outlet; the early classes are my favorite! I am able to focus my mind and day right off the bat, get a killer work out and enjoy energy from other students and instructors. It can be easy to get stuck in the routine of work and checking tasks off the to do list, but taking time to work on myself in class keeps stagnation at bay. Big bonus, I have built relationships that have turned into dear clients.

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BE Entrepreneur Spotlight: Anna Walston