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BE Local Love February Nonprofit: Louie’s Kids

We’re proud to support Louie’s Kids as our BE Local Love February Nonprofit of the Month! Louie’s Kids is a valuable resource in our community (and nationwide), providing education, guidance, and financial support for families and children struggling with obesity.

Louie’s Kids Mission: To empower kids to make changes, both physically and mentally, for a healthier & more productive life. To strengthen the future of the communities we serve by making children better, healthier citizens. To provide excellent stewardship to those funders who invest their time and treasure in the children we serve. To provide our employees with challenging and rewarding careers in facilitating healthy changes in children.

Here’s why what they’re doing is so important:

Statistics show that 89% of children who are overweight or obese will become obese adults. Overweight children face premature heart attacks and strokes, will need new hips and joints early in their adult lives, and obesity in adulthood likely will be more severe. Sadly, for the first time in our history, this generation of children will live shorter lives than their parents.

Obesity is associated with many diseases or Type 2 Diabetes and has been shown to reduce life expectancy. Obesity levels have been growing steadily. The statistics are grim and getting worse: 16% of America’s children are obese. Another 17% are overweight.

The Center for Disease Control recently announced that based on current trends, by the year 2030 children would be with born with Type II diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association $174 billion was the total cost spent on diagnosed diabetes in the United States in 2007, with $58 billion for indirect costs such as disability, work loss and premature mortality. Medical expanses are two times higher for a person with diabetes than for one without, and the cost of maintaining a person with diabetes from age 14 to 80 is staggering. In 2011, the average medical cost to person with diabetes was just shy of $7,000 a year, equating to almost a half a million dollars in their lifetime. With healthcare costs projected to increase threefold, that number will continue to grow.

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Here’s How YOU can Help:

Donate directly to Louie’s Kids: Reach your next Barre Evolution class milestone this month and we’ll donate to Louie’s Kids on your behalf!
Volunteer in range of roles: From assisting our staff with various programs to calling kids to follow up on their progress to being on a committee for a fundraising event we are planning.
Pitch in to help volunteers with their Campaign for Camp Fundraiser:
Learn more about Louie’s Kids’ programs: Spread the word by following them on Facebook.