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BE Strong for Girls

The three cornerstones of a good exercise program are cardio, strength training and flexibility. While adolescent girls may be attaining cardio activity in school, through sports, PE and other activities such as horseback riding, they may be missing the other two.

BE Strong for girls is Barre Evolution’s signature class designed to add another opportunity to add physical fitness into the lives of our favorite girls through fun, high energy classes, meant to build strength, flexibility and confidence.


5 benefits of barre classes for girls

1)        Strength:

Particularly in the core. These muscles – the abs, obliques and those making up the middle and lower back – serve as the powerhouse for the other areas of your body, improving performance in sports and day-to-day activities.  A strong core supports your spine; aiding balance and posture. An upright posture not only exudes confidence, it allows girls to put less pressure on their backs, which can take its toll on the body over time. Overall muscle conditioning will help to prevent injury from other activities, as well as allow girls to feel less fatigued to face the daily demands from school and hormonal changes.

2)        Flexibility:

Flexibility increases your range of motion, allowing girls to perform exercises and sports safely.  It is one of the first things to go as we age. Maybe not a big concern for our girls now, but it will be later on. Stretching, a component of barre class, is recommended for girls, as well as adults, everyday.

3)        Confidence:

Our classes never focus on the external benefits of “looking good” – although, often a residual outcome as posture improves, and muscles strengthen.  Girls will become more self-assured as they conquer a new form of challenge, as they grow stronger and more accomplished with the consistency of attending classes. And since class requires focus, the girls are distracted – even for just an hour – from the multitude of stresses and demands of school, family and friends.

4)        Stress Reduction:

Regular exercise reduces the amount of stress hormones in the body, resulting in a slower heart rate, and lower blood pressure. Increased relaxation after exercise allows the mind to think clearly, improves memory and prepares the mind for higher learning.  A clear mind induces sleep. More sleep means our girls are better equipped to face mood swings and hormonal changes in their bodies. Need we say more?

5)        Fun!

There is no judgment here. Can’t do a plank? No worries, you will. This is a safe place for girls to makes mistakes and to embrace the idea that only by making mistakes can we learn to grow, become stronger, more centered, and more confident. Happy and well-balanced adolescents – what could be better for their moms, families and friends?


Our first BE Strong for Girls class is September 14th. If you would like to register your daughter, email support@barreevolution.com or call (843) 414-7046.