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#BEeats: Packing Healthy Lunches

Fueling your body with “healthy eats” is just as important a part of the BE Method as the classes themselves. One of the ways you can better your habits in the food department is to pack your lunch instead of eating out, or worse, skipping lunch.

Packing your lunch has incredible benefits. It is less expensive to buy food from the grocery store than eating at restaurants. Plus, you tend to eat healthier foods because you know exactly what you are putting into your body. You will feel more energized from making your own meals because you no longer are eating hidden sugars and preservatives in fast food favorites. Lastly, you have more free time at lunch, so you can work in a lunchtime barre class or walk to energize you for the afternoon!

A healthy lunch that will fill you up and help prevent the dreaded 3:00pm lull consists of protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates (grains or fruit). The best formula is to fill your plate with 50% vegetables, 25% protein, and 25% carbohydrates. Here are some healthy lunch ideas to get you started.

Monday: A mixed greens and spinach salad (vegetable) with lean chicken breast (protein) and strawberries (carb). We love the Strawberry Fields Salad from Spicy Southern Kitchen.

Strawberry Fields Salad from Spicy Southern Kitchen

Tuesday: Lean deli turkey (protein) in a whole wheat pita pocket (carb) with oil and vinegar dressing and bell peppers and greens (vegetables).


Wednesday: Quinoa (carb) with garlic-ginger tofu (protein) and mixed sautéed vegetables. Try this recipe from The NY Times!


Thursday: Brown rice (carb) with shrimp (protein) and spinach and mushrooms (vegetable). This recipe from Eating Richly is delicious!


Friday: A spinach salad (vegetable) with a hard-boiled egg (protein), cotija cheese (carb), and avocado (healthy fat). Check out this recipe from Spinach for Breakfast.


Buy vegetables and proteins that you enjoy and experiment with how many ways you can use them throughout the week. Stick to the formula above to build a simple lunch and then mix it up by trying new vegetables, a new grain (like tabouli or orzo), and new ways to put them all together.

Do you have a lunch that you love to bring to work with you? Tag Barre Evolution on Facebook or Instagram with a picture of it and let us know how to make it. We can’t wait to try new #BEfuel to help power our next barre class!