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Barre Evolution Core Intensive

Have a weak core and want to get a stronger one without straining your back or neck? This workshop teaches you how to relax your quads, hip flexors and anchor your back so your powerhouse can fully engage. Your strength will be challenged so you...

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Barre Evolution Men’s Barre Intensive

We all know men and women are not built equally! But did you know barre classes offer specific benefits for men? Barre exercises are a man's missing link to fitness - they help build muscle density, bone density, and muscle elasticity.   This class will focus on building...

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Bulging Belly Syndrome

Wonder why your stomach still sticks out even though you’re working your core every day? Maybe it's Bulging Belly Syndrome? A common myth is that bulging belly syndrome is simply due to weak abdominals alone; however, the real cause is likely to be two fold...

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3 Ways Meditation Improves Fitness

If you're like most of us – yes, we do it too – there are times when you simply can’t focus in barre or any other fitness class. Sure, we hear the cues and physically we’re present, but the mind is wondering – thinking about...

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