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Foam Roller Workshop

Join Barre Evolution Co-Owner and Mt. Pleasant Pilates Owner, Nicole Wallen Sat. January 26th 11-Noon in our Mt. Pleasant studio for a Foam Roller Basics workshop. Learn how to use the foam roller to hydrate fascia, massage tired hips and legs, flatten your core and fire...

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Bulging Belly Syndrome

Wonder why your stomach still sticks out even though you’re working your core every day? Maybe it's Bulging Belly Syndrome? A common myth is that bulging belly syndrome is simply due to weak abdominals alone; however, the real cause is likely to be two fold...

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3 Ways Meditation Improves Fitness

If you're like most of us – yes, we do it too – there are times when you simply can’t focus in barre or any other fitness class. Sure, we hear the cues and physically we’re present, but the mind is wondering – thinking about...

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