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Elaine Savarese: Owner of Frampton’s Flowers

Inspiration behind business/becoming an entrepreneur: I've always been creative. When I was growing up I studied lots of forms of studio art, but when I went to college I ultimately ended up getting a business degree. Becoming a florist and owning my own shop seemed...

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DIY Barre Socks

From Guest Blogger, Melissa Tunstall It happens to all of us. You reach down to grab a pair of sticky socks and they’re all at the bottom of the laundry hamper. Or the alarm goes at 6 a.m. and you run out the door without them....

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An Ode to Barre Evolution

  By Guest Blogger, Judith Berlin “Barre So Hard” adorns the shirt And, rightly so, as our muscles all hurt! We bend, we stretch, and we wait for “the shake” Our trembling legs, I assure you, not fake! Proper form is key to ensure ideal results One inch up, one inch down…now, it’s...

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