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Using Props in Core Section for the Fastest Results

Using Props in Core Section for the Fastest Results Did you know that improper form in the abdominal (or core) section of class can cause your abdominal wall to pooch outward instead of flatten? Everyone wants a strong, toned tummy and the quickest way to get the...

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Laura Smith-Owner of Polished Salon

I believe the entrepreneurial spirit is something that everyone possesses, but it takes a certain amount of insanity to jump off the career path and embrace your passion. I was a struggling single mom with a five year-old when I decided to go back to beauty...

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THE METHOD FOR EVERY BODY: Neutral vs. Strong Tuck. How the Barre Evolution method delivers results and keeps your back safe.

In the late 60’s, Lotte Berk created the barre workout that is the foundation for most barre fitness programs in existence today. When Berk first invented her barre program, a strong pelvic tuck was the staple position throughout class. This “pelvic tuck” was achieved by...

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