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Barre Evolution: The Ultimate Workout For Your Bones

Swimming and cycling are not good for your bones. Yes, you read this correctly! The New York Times recently reported that swimming and cycling aren’t good exercise for bones susceptible to fracture. Research has found that swimming’s lack of gravity specifically compromises the strength of...

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Smoothie Recipes

We LOVE smoothies! We’ve put together a few of our favorite recipes that are a tasty way to give your body the nutrients it needs, and the energy to take on your day! We’d love to hear your go to recipes, too! Share them with...

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2014 Back-to-Barre Challenge Results!

Thank you to everyone for a successful Challenge! You all did a fantastic job. Congratulations to our winners: 1 Month Unlimited Barre — Cory Beckham 3 Months Unlimited Barre — Anne Marie Hall Here's a list of the ladies that completed the challenge: Baron, Jessica Beckham, Cory Beckley, Jean Ann Coleman, Leslie Elg, Corin Ferguson, Holly Green, Mary Hope Guzniczak, Lauren Hall, Anne Marie Imad, Hala Jenkins, Jennifer Johrendt, Elizabeth Jones, Patty Linkowski, Laura Linkowski, Lucy Melroy, Mary Katherine Mohr, Maggie Rae, Karyn Sheppard, Beth Walden, Keli Williams, Kelsey ...

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