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Looking Back On Whole30

Nancy here, again. So, I’m back to tell you that I officially completed my first Whole30 journey! I wanted take a moment to share my overall impressions. Honestly, I am not sure what I was expecting at the end.  A pin wheeled, main street parade? A gorilla gram?...

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The Teacher Becomes the Student

Teachers are busy people.  They teach reading, writing, spelling, math, history, science, the list goes on and on.  There are papers to grade, standards to follow, lessons to write, meetings to attend, etc.  But teachers aren’t always the ones that are teaching.  After 15 years...

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Charleston Restaurant Week, The Healthier Way

With Charleston Restaurant Week upon us, it’s hard to resist the delicious (but not nutritious) spoils of our amazing food-forward city. Real talk: how are we supposed to maintain our resolution to "eat healthy" if we can only make it two weeks? We’ll be the first to admit...

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