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A Big Thanks From South Windermere to You!

Wow! It's hard to believe it's already been more than two months since we first opened the doors at our South Windermere location! After the two wonderful years our flagship location has enjoyed in Mt. Pleasant, we were excited to see how we could better...

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The Science of the Barre Evolution Burn

The Barre Evolution Method was designed to give busy women the results they're looking for as quickly as possible. We know our students' time is valuable, so we've designed a workout that makes every second count. New students often ask us how it works —...

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Review: Coobie Bra

I'm a huge fan of the Coobie bra. You won't believe this, but it fits every bra size. I happen to be an A cup and I wear the same one that a woman with a D cup is wearing without feeling underprivileged. They are...

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Our Top Three Tips For Your Best Barre Class

With a new year and a new studio, it's no surprise that we've been seeing a lot of new faces stepping up to the barre in the past few weeks! The Barre Evolution Method is a challenging workout whether you're a brand new barre fly...

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Lululemon: Barre Pulse Pant

I don't know how many of you had a chance to snag a pair of Lululemon's Barre Pulse Pant, but they are fantastic and make me feel like a superhero. They are currently on sale, so guilt yourself into a late Christmas present or maybe...

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