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Lululemon: Barre Pulse Pant

I don't know how many of you had a chance to snag a pair of Lululemon's Barre Pulse Pant, but they are fantastic and make me feel like a superhero. They are currently on sale, so guilt yourself into a late Christmas present or maybe...

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There’s No Feeling Like Fit for the Holidays!

Wow! It's hard to believe Thanksgiving was four weeks ago and New Year's Eve is only two weeks away! There's no doubt about it, it's that time of year when everything seems to take a back seat to holiday madness! When you're spending all your...

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Scheduling A Class Online

We know that scheduling a class online can be a little difficult to understand. Now that we have two studios, it can be even more confusing! We've put together a little tutorial for you so you can schedule your class like a champ. Website First off, go...

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