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Meet Katie!

Katie has been passionate about fitness her whole life and became hooked on Barre Evolution after her first class. Katie loves the rapid tone and definition gained by the Barre Evolution Method and is excited to bring her high energy and spunk to class. She's always...

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Meet Jennifer!

Jennifer is a College of Charleston graduate with a career in sales and marketing. After having two beautiful little girls, she was looking for a way to stay in shape and also gain strength and flexibility. After her first few classes at Barre Evolution, she was...

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Meet Shauna!

Shauna comes to us from Colorado and has loved dancing since she was a member of dance and cheerleading teams in junior high and high school. She taught dance and cheerleading at a private summer camp for girls aged 6 to 16 for four summers. Shauna...

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Meet Hayden!

Hayden is a long time student of the Barre Evolution method and loves the method so much that she decided to share that love and start teaching! She is a senior at the College of Charleston studying Spanish with double minors in Business and Dance....

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How to Work Deeper in Barre Class

If you are a barre fly, or still new to the method, every now and then you may find yourself anticipating the next set-up cue (“I know we’re doing chair next. I just know it. See? I was right.”) or even “zoning out” in class....

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