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Staying Informed: Breast Cancer 101

With October's focus on breast cancer awareness, we've curated a brief guide to help you stay aware and informed. Breast cancer has directly affected Barre Evolution staff members and clients, and we are committed to doing our part to raise awareness in our local community on an ongoing basis. Knowing...

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Local Eats: October BE Fuel

A healthy lifestyle starts with healthy eating habits. As comforting as cream-based soups may taste, they are loaded with fat and calories. Consider soup options that incorporate veggies (such as potatoes, squash, and carrots) to provide the same creamy flavor you love with added benefits...

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Oprah Had It Wrong in the 80s

Remember that time that Oprah wheeled out a little red wagon full of animal fat (67lbs to be exact)? Her goal was to demonstrate just how much weight she’d lost with her latest diet. America was inspired- and maybe a little put off- by that...

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BE Strong for Girls

The three cornerstones of a good exercise program are cardio, strength training and flexibility. While adolescent girls may be attaining cardio activity in school, through sports, PE and other activities such as horseback riding, they may be missing the other two. BE Strong for girls is...

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