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Oprah Had It Wrong in the 80s

Remember that time that Oprah wheeled out a little red wagon full of animal fat (67lbs to be exact)? Her goal was to demonstrate just how much weight she’d lost with her latest diet. America was inspired- and maybe a little put off- by that...

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BE Strong for Girls

The three cornerstones of a good exercise program are cardio, strength training and flexibility. While adolescent girls may be attaining cardio activity in school, through sports, PE and other activities such as horseback riding, they may be missing the other two. BE Strong for girls is...

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Finding Balance

You finally find a coveted quiet moment in your day. You take a deep breath and automatically begin reflecting on what you've accomplished. This should be a moment of ease for your busy brain, but too often your thoughts race to unfinished to-dos, grocery lists, your next appointment...

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The Effect of Age: Bone Density, Flexibility, & Strength

A snapshot of a Barre Evolution class shows women of all ages. What changes from woman to woman is how her body responds to and changes from the exercises. Past age 40, bone density, flexibility, and strength starts to decrease which can lead to injury...

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