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Healthy Lettuce Wraps

If you're like us, you love Verde salads. The only way to make these green gems better is shrink them into bite-sized lettuce wraps and eat them after a barre class. We were inspired by the Verde lettuce wraps at the BE North Mt. Pleasant studio open house, so we curated...

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Movement Minute: Reverse Push-Ups

Reverse Push-ups: Place your hands on the ground right behind your hips with your thumbs facing forward and other fingers slightly turned out. Dig your heels into the ground. Pull your navel in. Lift your seat slightly off the ground. Bend your elbows straight behind...

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#BEeats: Packing Healthy Lunches

Written by Mary Sullivan Beckley Fueling your body with "healthy eats" is just as important a part of the BE Method as the classes themselves. One of the ways you can better your habits in the food department is to pack your lunch instead of eating...

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