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#BEeats: Packing Healthy Lunches

Fueling your body with "healthy eats" is just as important a part of the BE Method as the classes themselves. One of the ways you can better your habits in the food department is to pack your lunch instead of eating out, or worse, skipping...

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The Perfect Pair: Barre + Running

If you're a runner, you've probably learned that cross-training is the key achieving an injury-free PR. That means you've probably tried a handful of classes at gyms; maybe a few different styles of yoga; and perhaps something completely different- such as rock climbing or water aerobics. If...

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Motivational Mantras

In the midst of pulsing, squeezing, and "finding that shake", a moment arises when you just want to quit. In one second, you feel an intense need to stop- a desire to stretch your legs for a brief reprieve from the burn in your muscles. You feel as...

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