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Never Be Ashamed of a Scar

Well, hey ladies! Chelsea here- it’s been awhile! It’s actually been approximately two months and two weeks since I’ve been up in front of the studio teaching a class, but who’s really keeping track? ME, THAT’S WHO! I’ve missed y’all! It’s been agony hiding out at home...

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Meet Brandie: Barre Evolution Instructor

Meet Barre Evolution Instructor, Brandie!

What is your favorite BE move and why? My favorite BE move is Hairpin, because it lifts and shapes the hard to reach areas in the booty ;) Why Barre Evolution? At Barre Evolution our clients have become family. I look forward to seeing them on a daily...

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Meet Erin!

Erin is a career counselor and long time student of barre fitness. She holds a BA and M.Ed from Providence College, RI and has spent the past few years living in both Charleston and Boston, MA before coming to teach at Barre Evolution. Erin is...

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