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Charleston Restaurant Week, The Healthier Way

With Charleston Restaurant Week upon us, it’s hard to resist the delicious (but not nutritious) spoils of our amazing food-forward city. Real talk: how are we supposed to maintain our resolution to "eat healthy" if we can only make it two weeks? We’ll be the first to admit...

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Review: Coobie Bra

I'm a huge fan of the Coobie bra. You won't believe this, but it fits every bra size. I happen to be an A cup and I wear the same one that a woman with a D cup is wearing without feeling underprivileged. They are...

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Lululemon: Barre Pulse Pant

I don't know how many of you had a chance to snag a pair of Lululemon's Barre Pulse Pant, but they are fantastic and make me feel like a superhero. They are currently on sale, so guilt yourself into a late Christmas present or maybe...

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