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Success Stories

Bridge Run Instagram Contest

WE want to see YOU wearing your BE gear during the annual Cooper River Bridge Run! Participants will receive a free pair of BE grippy socks! Simply follow the directions below: Follow BarreEvolution on Instagram. Post a photo on Instagram of you or a friend sporting something...

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BEcrew Throwback

BEcrew Throwback to when Instructor Elizabeth Poindexter was 5 years old and rocking the tap shoes! This was the beginning of a beautiful path that would one day lead her to teaching Barre with BE! Elizabeth won several scholarships during elementary school dance competitions and...

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Using Props in Core Section for the Fastest Results

Using Props in Core Section for the Fastest Results Did you know that improper form in the abdominal (or core) section of class can cause your abdominal wall to pooch outward instead of flatten? Everyone wants a strong, toned tummy and the quickest way to get the...

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