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Prenatal Classes

Prenatal Evolution

Our approach is trimester based so we can guide women safely via modifications and supportive props. Prenatal Evolution was created with recommendations from medically-trained professionals and follows the guidelines of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.* All Barre Evolution teachers are trained in prenatal and postnatal modifications.

*All prenatal students are required to have their doctor’s written permission before attending class.

Barre Evolution Prenatal Classes
Barre Evolution Prenatal Classes

The Importance of Training

It’s important for pregnant women to maintain abdominal strength during pregnancy. A weak core can cause low back pain, hip pain, sciatica, pelvic floor weakness and inflexibility as well as a diastasis recti. During pregnancy, a weak abdominal wall can put additional strain on the uterus and core connective tissue by placing the baby at an angle instead of in line with the birth canal.

Muscles Trained

Prenatal Evolution will help you keep your hips, thighs and seat tight and lean, your arms toned and ready to carry your new baby with all the gear that comes along.

Our classes also help to rebuild the transverse abdominal muscles, which stabilize the spine, improve posture and help counter back pain. We can help individuals with abdominal separation by teaching modified exercises that help close the gap, flatten the belly, trim the waist and prevent further injury.

Barre Evolution Prenatal Classes
Barre Evolution Prenatal Classes

Other Benefits:

  1. Reduced back and joint pain
  2. Faster weight loss and slimming after delivery
  3. Higher metabolic rate from lean muscle = less weight gain
  4. Increased energy and improved confidence
  5. Stamina for the rigors of childbirth