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Elaine Savarese: Owner of Frampton’s Flowers


Inspiration behind business/becoming an entrepreneur: I’ve always been creative. When I was growing up I studied lots of forms of studio art, but when I went to college I ultimately ended up getting a business degree. Becoming a florist and owning my own shop seemed to be a perfect combination of my two interests.

What’s most unique/special about your business: We cater to customers of all ages. I get the opportunity to engage with everyone from the 8 year old boys from down the street buying flowers for their mom, to a bride planning her wedding day, to an 80 year old couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Even if it’s “just flowers” it’s a very personal business and you really get to hear some interesting stories along the way and meet some very special people.

How do you keep a balance in work/family/life: I work all the time, but I had to learn to stop feeling guilty when I do decide to take time off for myself. I’ll work every day for two months straight then book a last minute trip to New York City for a long weekend and have a blast. The ability to do that is what I work so hard for, and it’s one of the perks of owning my own business.

How has BE influenced your entrepreneurial journey (#befluence): My health is something I can take control of. Maintaining a schedule at the studio is a way that I can keep order in my personal life and maintain a healthy state of mind making it so that I can focus and preform better in my professional life.