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The Evolution Exchange Program

Are you a barre-a-holic who loves the total body toning, personal support, and fun classes you have experienced at Barre Evolution? The BE EvolutionExchange program is an opportunity for exceptional individuals to get more involved with our studio.

BE Evolution Exchange participants are a vital part of our community and their help enables Barre Evolution to operate more efficiently. Our Exchangers work a minimum of one shift per week cleaning the studio and earn trade dollars. Trade dollars are entered in your Wellness Living account and can be used to purchase barre classes and/or retail items.

Evolution Exchange participants have a ‘YES’ attitude; strong attention to detail; and are reliable, responsible, communicative, and fun. We ask for a minimum of a three-month commitment.

We accept a limited number of participants on an ongoing basis, selecting individuals who share our vision and mission. Full Program details are disclosed upon conditional acceptance. Program benefits are based upon shift commitment and performance. Apply today!

Current Needs:

We’re seeking 1-2 Evolution Exchangers to trade front desk service and/or cleaning support for free classes and retail! This is a great opportunity to get more involved with our incredible Barre Evolution community, and take your barre practice to the next level. Candidates should have 2-3 hours of availability one evening each week, as well as 2-3 weekends each month.

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What appeals to you most about the Evolution Exchange program at Barre Evolution?

What interests do you have other than barre fitness?

What do you hope to gain from working in the Evolution Exchange program at BE?

Which of your school, work, and life experiences (past or present) will most contribute to or benefit the Evolution Exchange program?

Is there anything that you think might interfere with commitment to the Evolution Exchange Program, such as school, work or other personal commitments?

We ask all potential applicants to make a minimum of a three-month commitment to BE. Are you able to make this commitment?

What are your greatest strengths? List Five of YOUR strongest attributes or characteristics. Assess your skills to identify your strengths.

How many hours a week would you like to work at the studio?

We ask that work be completed between 1:00pm and 4:00pm, any day of the week. Which days are you available?

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