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Expecting? How Barre Evolution Can Help Keep You (And Your Baby!) Happy and Healthy


Because the Barre Evolution was designed to give you the best in both full-body workouts and safety, it’s a perfect method to continue with if you become pregnant. Our co-founder, Nicole, was the first prenatal certified Pilates instructor in Charleston, and each of our instructors receives extensive training on safety and modifications for pregnant students. Once you get the go-ahead from your doctor (always consult with your doctor about your exercise program), and let your instructor know that you’re expecting, you’re ready to keep stepping up to the barre. Here are our favorite benefits of continuing to exercise while pregnant:

Better Sleep/More Energy: Pregnancy, especially the first trimester, is an energy-zapping time. Of course, it makes sense (your body is putting a lot of effort into helping your baby grow!), but that combined with the difficulty many women experience finding a comfortable sleep position as their bellies grow can lead to 9 very sleepy months. Fortunately, exercise can help! Strong muscles and a healthy cardiovascular system means that you don’t have to work as hard in your day-to-day activities (giving you more energy), and regular workouts are linked to more restful sleep.

Prepare for Childbirth: There’s no way to make labor easy (if you find one, let us know!), but being in shape can make it less difficult. The muscles you strengthen with the Barre Evolution Method, particularly your abs, legs, and back, are muscles you will also use during delivery. Studies have shown that exercise during pregnancy can make labor easier and shorter – definitely a good thing.

Keep you Happy: Pregnancy is an exciting time, and there’s no joy like the joy of welcoming a new baby. But it can also be a stressful time of change and worry. Regular exercise not only boosts the serotonin levels in your brain, but staying fit and strong will help you feel more confident in your changing body.

Benefits for Baby: You won’t be the only one feeling the Barre Evolution benefits! Babies whose mothers exercise during pregnancy tend to have better birth weights, and even experience a boost in brain development. One study even showed that teenagers whose mothers exercised during pregnancy were better at sports, so your baby may reap rewards from your hard work for years to come!

Bounce Back Faster: Staying fit during pregnancy not only means you can regain your pre-baby figure more quickly (though it does mean that), it also may help you adjust to the many challenges of new parenthood more easily. Moms who exercised during pregnancy are more likely to socialize and find more enjoyment once their baby is born.

If you have any questions about taking Barre Evolution as a prenatal student, send us an email: support@barreevolution.com; or talk to your instructor next time you’re in the studio! Interested? Read more here: