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Greenville Studio

The instructors are outstanding! I love how they switch it up and continue to challenge me. I have not had any lower back pain in months and I attribute it to Barre. Couldn’t be happier!

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Our Greenville location is located near the heart of downtown, convenient to shopping, parks and restaurants.


We offer a variety of packages to fit your needs, ranging from single classes and class packages to auto-draft agreements.

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Complimentary guest passes to enjoy class with friends and family.


Unlimited access to all Barre Evolution studios, statewide.

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We offer a range of class types, with options to suit a variety of fitness levels. Instructors are trained to provide modifications for a true multi-level class.

Barre Evolution Open Level Barre
Barre Evolution Open Level

Everyone is welcome at Open Level Barre where instructors offer challenging exercises with variations suitable for a range of skill levels, including modifications for those returning from injury or pregnancy.

The 60-minute class begins with a warm-up that includes pushups, planks and upper-body weight work. This is followed by thigh, glute and abdominal exercises at the barre or center floor. The abs are further strengthened and toned with intense core-conditioning and the thighs and glutes are again sculpted with thigh and back dancing. Deep, isometric stretches are used to fully stretch and lengthen muscles after each set of exercises. Classes are non-impact and the pace is very athletic, weaving from strengthening to stretching exercises nonstop, much like interval training.

Barre Evolution Express

When you don’t have an hour but still need to get your burn on, Barre Evolution’s Express Barre class serves up all the benefits of Open Level in just 45 minutes. We’ve condensed your favorite barre moves to bring you the ultimate burn. You still get the full body workout of our hour long class; however, each section is shortened, with an accelerated format and faster set-up between exercises to deepen the work. Bring your barre basics along — you’ll need them! Recommended for students that have taken at least 5 open level or beginner classes.

Barre Evolution Express
Barre Evolution Beginner
Barre Evolution Cardio

Sweat it out in our calorie-blasting, Barre Evolution Cardio class designed to tighten and tone your entire body. We’ll use weights and functional exercises to stoke your heart rate along with an ab series sure to blast a little extra off your middle. This is a fast-paced, cardiovascular workout with advanced variations and less recovery time between sets. The class is followed by a longer recovery stretch that will leave you feeling exhilarated and strong. You can bet this endorphin-filled hour will boost your heart rate for maximum calorie burn in class and over the following 24-48 hours.

  • For safety reasons, students may not enter class late.
  • Due to the accelerated pace of the class, Cardio classes are open to students who have completed 10 Open Level classes (and should also have a strong understanding of our method).
  • Prenatal students (1st or 2nd trimester only) or individuals with injuries/medical conditions must have management approval prior to attending cardio class.
Prenatal Evolution
Prenatal Evolution Class Modifications

Prenatal Evolution is a specialized program offering pre and postnatal class modifications for your favorite Barre Evolution classes. Our uniquely trained instructors will meet with you before and after classes to help you learn exercise modifications for your body’s changing needs. Prenatal Evolution is especially useful for strengthening muscles to support a healthy delivery, while also toning post-pregnancy trouble spots.