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Lululemon: Barre Pulse Pant

By Lululemon

I don’t know how many of you had a chance to snag a pair of Lululemon’s Barre Pulse Pant, but they are fantastic and make me feel like a superhero. They are currently on sale, so guilt yourself into a late Christmas present or maybe to motivate you for the New Year!

First, let’s talk cosmetics. These puppies are reversible. The pair that I got are the ones you see to the left. When you flip them inside out, you get a richer blue-on-blue pattern. The legs bell out a bit at the bottom, which I happen to like. I know leggings are popular these days, but sometimes I like a little room around the ankle (especially if I haven’t gotten around to shaving).

How do they hold up in class? Perfect, if I say so myself. They hug the form, but have so much give thanks to their luon fabric. Getting a foot up on the barre for a nice hip stretch is no problem and I don’t feel like I’m going to rip a seam. The waist is also a little higher than most athletic pants, so it’s no biggie if my top rides up a bit because I’m covered!

When I tried them on at the Lululemon store on King Street, I asked if we would see more of the Barre Pulse Pant in the future. She mentioned that every item has a certain shelf life and depending on sales, it’ll vary until you see a specialized item again. I’m hoping to see more of it, maybe in different colors or patterns. If you’re able, snag a pair and get ’em to the barre for a nice pulse!

— Natasha