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Motivational Mantras

In the midst of pulsing, squeezing, and “finding that shake”, a moment arises when you just want to quit. In one second, you feel an intense need to stop- a desire to stretch your legs for a brief reprieve from the burn in your muscles. You feel as if you may fall down or lose complete control; your body is begging for just a few seconds of rest. Then, you remember that this is your edge. Even more importantly, this is the moment in which your body is changing. Never an easy process. In fact, it may feel almost as though something is wrong with you. Are your legs actually supposed to shake and burn that much? Yes.

In this one second, you are consumed by your thoughts- although your body can be pushed much further. In this one second, you will make a choice whether to endure for ten more seconds (and then ten more), or to stop and stretch those weary muscles. In this one second, you must convince yourself to keep going and move closer toward your edge because, most likely, you haven’t quite reached it yet. (And if you have, awesome work!)

Mind over matter.When your mind seems to be the only obstacle in your way, try a motivational mantra to keep you going. Pick one or a few and put them to work during the moment of battle, on your path to finding your edge.


Be a badass.


I will thank myself tomorrow.


Once you control your mind, you can conquer your body.
I am strong. I am unstoppable.


Don’t give up.


My body is getting stronger.


Sweat is just fat crying.


Train like a beast. Look like a beauty.


Your body will go where your mind pushes it.


Sore today. Strong tomorrow.


Be better than you were yesterday.


Progress not perfection.


If it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t work.


If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.


Think it. Want it. Get it.


I will persist until I succeed.


Good things come to those who sweat.


I love this. I love this. I love this.


Don’t stop until you’re proud.


Be bold. Be brave. Keep going.


Written by Mary Sullivan Beckley