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Mountain Woman

From BE Greenville Guest Blogger, Vered Kantor, MS, RD, LD, IC, CFSP

For the past two decades, I’ve practiced as an Integrative Dietician and a Functional Medicine Nutrition Therapist specializing in women and anti-aging. Looking for the best activities that give great results specifically for women’s bodies has been a professional and an individual goal of mine. Every woman is familiar with those trouble zones that take a little extra work to tighten and tone. I feel like my aerobic capacity has always been very good, but I had a tendency to bulk as my muscle mass increased. A little over a year ago, I took my first Barre Evolution class. My goals were to sculpt my body, increase my stamina, enhance flexibility, and improve my balance. I did not plan to lose any weight; however, I lost over 20 pounds in a one-year period. I‘ve had a major body transformation in the past year. My body at 45 looks better than my body in my twenties. These tiny, one-inch increments called isometric movements were firing my muscles and giving me great results compared to the larger, compound movements I was repeatedly doing for years.

Having had car accidents and sports injuries, lifting heavy weights was not an option for me. Strengthening my core considerably improved my ability to perform other aerobic activities. As an avid hiker, I’ve found I have better endurance and stamina. The combination of pilates, yoga, and rehabilitative exercises not only challenged my muscles, but I started to see results very fast. Working on my core truly activated my feminine power and strengthened my pelvic floor muscles. The high repetitions allowed me to achieve long, lean muscle tone while using weights as low as one to two pounds. Barre evolution systematically targets each muscle group through a sequence of focused small movements. Their unique system targets all of the small muscles I am not typically used to working on.

I’ve found it is more beneficial to be mindful during class. You cannot strengthen a muscle your brain cannot activate. Breathing and imagining the isolation of the muscle helps me to produce deep, isolated contractions with faster and better results. I learned in class to not give up and breathe through the repetitions, and that small moves are better in isolation than the big moves. Barre Evolution classes have made me more in touch with my femininity, strengthening my soul and body at the same time. The classes combine music with the moves, and the relaxation and cool down period really create a few minutes of serenity before I head to work. Barre evolution – you truly create lasting results…and a beautiful body and mind.

Vered Kantor, MS, RD, LD, IC, CFSP | www.stepupnutrition.org