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Barre Evolution Boutique

Movement Meets Medicine

The Science of Movement
We are honored and excited that BE Owner Nicole Lucas Wallen is currently attending The Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries (FAMI) Workshop. The FAMI team is comprised of anatomists, physicians and fitness educators, all of whom have worked to create an anatomy/injuries educational resource for movement professionals. Unlike many training programs, this workshop is comprehensive and practical, involving hands-on learning using real people (not just books). FAMI aims to “bridge the gap between movement and medicine, fulfilling the clinical education needs of fitness professionals.”
According to FAMI, “this is an immersion course in anatomy and injuries designed exclusively for movement professionals. Held in a medical school, this powerful educational resource brings the best of medical education to the movement world, including Gross Anatomy labs and physician-led lectures on injuries.”
What does this mean for you?
As our Master Trainer, Nicole is continually working to develop her knowledge of the human body to evolve our technique and methodology for Barre Evolution barre babes and blokes. Behind the scenes, the knowledge Nicole gains from the workshop will influence the way our teachers teach. Ultimately, this will result in an even better, safer, more effective class. More than a name- our method is always evolving.