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Movement Minute: Reverse Push-Ups

Reverse Push-ups

Reverse Push-ups:

  1. Place your hands on the ground right behind your hips with your thumbs facing forward and other fingers slightly turned out.
  2. Dig your heels into the ground.
  3. Pull your navel in.
  4. Lift your seat slightly off the ground.
  5. Bend your elbows straight behind you and move from there.

Triceps_brachiiScience Behind the Movement:

  • Targets the tricep muscles (located on the back of the arm)
  • Increases strength and flexibility in the shoulders
  • Targets abdominal muscles
  • Improves flexibility and strengthens upper and lower back muscles


The Technique:

  • Dig your heels into the ground to activate your core and help support your movement.
  • Look straight ahead to keep your neck in alignment.
  • Pretend like you are holding a cupcake under your hands to distribute your weight correctly. Your weight should be more toward your palm than fingers.
  • If you have wrist sensitivity, you can put weights in your hand or place your seat on the floor.
  • If your elbows are not bending, place your seat on the floor.
  • Always keep trying to shift your weight back. You can do this by flexing your feet, moving your seat toward your hands, and pressing down into your palms.
  • Remember: Perfect practice makes perfect. It is okay to work up to the full form of the movement. Over time, you will tone your triceps, changing the shape of your entire arm.


Written by Mary Sullivan Beckley