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New To Barre Evolution

Ready to try Barre Evolution?

Are you thinking, “Can I really do barre?” The answer is yes. Our spa like studio, supportive, experienced instructors and judgement free atmosphere will help make your introduction to barre a wonderful, rewarding experience. Along with teaching you our own unique style of barre, we are here to help you improve your health, mind and body. And we always mix in a little fun.

Before you begin your first class at Barre Evolution

  • Please show up 10-15 minutes before your scheduled class to tour the studio, get familiar with the equipment and to ask questions.
  • Come to the studio with a positive attitude.
  • Let us know if you have injuries or conditions so we can offer modifications to make your barre experience safe and more effective.

What to expect during your first Barre Evolution class

  • You will make mistakes in your first class and feel lost at some point. Don’t sweat it. We’ll get you back on track.
  • Your legs may begin to tremble in your first class. That means you’re working hard.
  • A typical Barre Evolution class is made up of four segments: 1) warm-up/upper body conditioning, 2) thigh/lower body strengthening, 3) glute work and 4) core conditioning/back strengthening.

What should you wear?

  • Bottom: leggings or yoga pants — full-length or capri length is best to keep muscles warm.
  • Top: workout tank top or short sleeve tee.
  • Feet: sock with grips on the bottom (we sell them at the studios).

When will you start seeing results?

Every body is different and consistency is key to achieving results. We recommend that clients attend 3 classes per week, for a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks. Some students have reported feeling changes after only 4-5 visits!

What is class etiquette?

  1. Please refrain from wearing perfume & strong scents during class.
  2. Please bring only water into the studio with you- no food or gum.
  3. Socks are the only footwear allowed in the studio—if you forgot to bring yours to class, we have grip socks available for purchase.
  4. Please leave your phones in your bag or cubby. If necessary, talk to your instructor about making an exception.
  5. Please end your conversations before you step into the studio- you can always pick up where you left off after class!
  6. Make sure to get to class on time for safety reasons.