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What Is Barre?

Barre (bar) n.: Exercise modality that uses a ballet barre for balance, your own bodyweight for resistance, and a series of small, low impact movements to rapidly yield a tight, toned and transformed physique. Pronounced “barr”.

What Is the Barre Evolution method?

Barre Evolution is an ahead-of-the curve barre fitness method that delivers true, multi-level classes, rather than a one-size-fits all approach. Our instructors are trained to offer personalized workouts in a group setting. How? They teach you modifications, building blocks and advanced moves that challenge your personal fitness range.

Along with tremendous physical results, the mind-body focus delivers benefits that include better sleep, improved self-confidence and body awareness.

The Barre Evolution method can be a helpful complement to your other fitness or sports regimens. Yogis find greater strength in their poses; runners improve flexibility in their hamstrings; cross-trainers are able to reach those trouble spots and tone inner thighs, the seat and triceps; tennis players have more core balance and power in their ground strokes; and skiers report greater endurance and strength to deal with moguls.

How does Barre Evolution work?

Most exercises performed in Barre Evolution classes involve small ranges of high repetition motion, coupled with multiple ranges of motion for length. You will rely on your own bodyweight for resistance and use a ballet barre for balance in our non-impact, total body workout. Our classes have a strong foundation in scooping abdominals in and up, before the arms and legs can move. The result? Muscles that become more dense so they hug the bone, creating the appearance of a long, lean physique, while increasing metabolism throughout the day. Believe us, it’s a great feeling.

Who should take a Barre Evolution class?

Barre Evolution is for (almost) every body. Barre Evolution classes are non-impact and are a great workout for individuals of all ages looking to re-shape and tone the body, increase performance in sports and help rehabilitate minor injuries. We provide proper guidance to help deliver quick results.

Do I need to know ballet in order to take a barre class?

No ballet experience is necessary. While we do use a ballet barre and some ballet movements, ballet dancing is not part of our program.

What do you do in a Barre Evolution class?

Here is what we do in a typical 60-minute class:

  • Warm-up with planks, pushups and upper-body weight work
  • Thigh and glute exercises at the barre or center floor
  • Abdominal work with intense core-conditioning
  • Deeper, isometric stretches are used to fully stretch and lengthen muscles after each set of exercises

Barre Evolution classes offer personalized attention to ensure correct posture and alignment. Classes are non-impact and the pace is very athletic, weaving from strengthening to stretching exercises nonstop, much like interval training.

How many calories are burned in a 60-minute class?

How many calories you burn is directly dependent on the percentage of lean muscle mass you have in your body. We recommend consistently taking Barre Evolution classes 3 times a week, yielding sculpted muscles and increased lean muscle mass. As you develop more lean muscle mass, your metabolic rate will rise and stay elevated for a longer period of time, burning more calories not only during a class, but throughout the day.

How do I know what level class to take?

We suggest those new to Barre Evolution start with our Open Level exercise classes. Instructors always show students how to work at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level. We also offer private personal trainers and semi-private classes should you have special needs or simply want to better understand the movements before attending a class.

What is the fastest way to see results from a Barre Evolution class?

The key to seeing results from Barre Evolution is consistency. We recommend taking 3 to 4 classes per week, for a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks. Learn more about Barre Evolution results here.

How much yoga and Pilates are in a Barre Evolution class?

As with Yoga and Pilates, there is a strong emphasis on breathing and mind-body focus. The spine is neutral in most of our standing positions and we incorporate the principles of Pilates in our work: centering, flow, aerobic breathing, control, concentration and precision.

How does a Barre Evolution class differ from other barre-based classes?

Barre Evolution focuses on positioning and alignment and we balance strengthening with stretching and flexibility. Some other barre studios focus on speed, repetition and most of the sessions are devoted to strengthening exercises, with a minimal amount of stretching. Our instructors are highly trained to deliver a unique, multi-level class. Unlike other barre-based classes, no two Barre Evolution classes are ever the same.  We teach to what we see in our classes; not by memorizing a script or routine.

If I take three Barre Evolution classes a week, do I still need to do cardio?

Maybe. It depends on why you do cardio. If weight loss is your goal, adding additional aerobic and cardiovascular activities and a healthy diet can speed up your results. Good news! Now you will be able to do both with Barre Evolution Cardio (check studio schedule for availability as some locations will differ).

Will my muscles get bigger from doing Barre Evolution?

No. But inches will redistribute. Muscles that were sagging before will begin to lift, especially your seat! This could give you the illusion that your muscles are getting bigger but in fact your muscles are just toning! An added benefit of adding lean muscle mass is a stoked metabolism that will burn excess fat giving you a sculpted, shrink-wrapped physique.

How much do classes cost?

New clients are invited to enjoy an unlimited month of classes for just $89.00! We offer existing clients a number of pricing options, ranging from single classes to auto-draft membership. Visit your studio page of choice for a full list of pricing/packages. Discounted classes available for teachers, students, military, and corporate partners.

What are the studio rules?

  • Socks are required in the studio space- no shoes or bare feet.
  • Please keep talking to a minimum so not to disrupt others.
  • Keep cell phones and pagers in the cubbies, or on vibrate/silent if necessary.
  • We welcome water into the studio, but please- no other liquids or foods.