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Tips & Techniques

Barre Evolution is a non-impact, total body workout designed to rapidly strengthen and sculpt muscles.

Barre Evolution: The BE Difference

The Barre Evolution Difference

Our approachable and encouraging instructors offer challenge, variety and individual attention in a welcoming studio atmosphere. Through individualized, hands-on guidance, our teaching body will empower you to focus on the spots women struggle with most, and help you achieve a tight, transformed body and outlook.

Barre Evolution: Modifications Are Key

Modifications are Key

Before class, be sure to let your instructor know about any past or current injuries or limitations you may have (including pregnancy). Barre Evolution instructors are trained to meet your needs including necessary modifications. Our classes are scheduled 15 minutes apart so you have plenty of one-on-one time before and after class to help personalize your class and experience.

Barre Evolution: Dress For Success

Dress for Success

Wear yoga or athletic pants that cover your knees, because we will be doing work on the floor. A comfortable athletic shirt or tank will allow you to keep moving from warm up through cool down. Any socks will do, but our sticky socks will prevent you from slipping while holding poses.

Barre Evolution: An Inch Is An Inch

An Inch is an Inch

You will hear phrases like “Down an inch, up an inch” or “circles the size of a quarter”. These comparisons are designed to help you work for the smallest, most controlled motions possible (these small movements are then complimented by larger ranges of motion to elongate the muscles). By consciously associating these movements in this way, you will find that you have better form & muscle control to prevent your body from using momentum to power through your workout.

Barre Evolution: Extremes Are Not Always Better

Extremes are Not always better

Making movements extreme will not help you get fit faster, but rather fatigue you early in your workout and increase the likelihood that you will engage incorrect muscle groups or become injured. Your instructor will help you identify the specific area from which the movement originates. Focus your attention on initiating movement from this muscle group or area; your body will help you gauge your limitations.

Barre Evolution: Poses To Expect

BE Poses to Expect

A Barre Evolution class consists of 4 sections: Warm Up/Upper Body, Thighs, Gluteus and Core/Back Strengthening. Our movements are grounded in a fusion of pilates, yoga and ballet influenced exercises; move at a brisk pace; and are punctuated with deep stretching. Each series can modified to suit your body, and are intended to be performed using small, controlled movements.