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Our Story

Our Story

In The Beginning

Our story starts over five years ago at Mount Pleasant Pilates, where Nancy and Nicole sidled up next to each other at the barre. A newbie to town, Nancy was desperate to recreate her barre fitness obsession that saved her from a previously hectic Wall Street career, and later, the impacts of motherhood. Luckily she found Nicole; with years of fitness experience, entrenched in her community, and a fiery passion for barre herself.

In October 2009, Barre Evolution was born as the first, and only local, Charleston area studio dedicated to barre fitness.

More than just a workout

Barre Evolution stayed committed to their principles, and continued to find its following through the local community. We are now a family of four studios — with a fifth on their way — and thousands of students. In 2015 we launched our biggest community effort yet, BE Local Love. This community-giving program puts the power of impact into the hands of our students while they reach their fitness milestones.  With a nonprofit partner each month, we donate on client’s behalf as they reach their milestones. The more our students go to class, the more we grow our community reach. Together.

Barre Evolution is a supportive community that offers friendship and unwavering support for our students and for local causes, now, and in the future.