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The Foundation Of Our Method

The creators of the Barre Evolution method are the first and only Exhale barre certified studio owners in SC. 

Core Fusion co-creators, Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp, are esteemed in the world of barre fitness. The couple began their journey in the early 1980s at the Lotte Berk Method in New York City (the origin of U.S. barre fitness). It was there that they developed a passion for barre, and began to recognize, research and implement important innovations to the barre classes they were teaching. Lis’s background as a professional ballet dancer, and Fred’s sports history were the perfect combination for alignment focused, athletic exercises and improvements that promoted workout longevity, joint and muscle health; resulting in stronger, more youthful, leaner bodies. Their innovations eventually evolved into the widely recognized Exhale brand, with award winning core and barre focused workouts that sparked a national interest in barre.

Access to Lis and Fred’s extensive knowledge about barre fitness and the body is a highly coveted opportunity. To deepen their existing training, and in an effort to deliver the most authentic experience to their students, co-creators Nancy Meyer and Nicole Wallen trained directly with Fred and Lis, earning the esteemed Exhale barre certification currently recognized by ACE, NASM, & AFAA. This certification is exclusively held by Meyer and Wallen in South Carolina. All Barre Evolution instructors are uniquely trained in the BE method, which upholds standards and quality consistent with the original methodology of Exhale barre classes.

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Local Studios, A Method Backed By Exhale Barre Certification

Our hands-on approach and 20+ years of experience are backed by Nancy Meyer and Nicole Wallen’s Exhale Core Fusion barre certification,  recognized by ACE, NASM, & AFAA.

The music, instructors and classes are always evolving, keeping students engaged and excited to come back again and again.

 We are local, enabling us to stay true our method, while allowing for variety and personality in every class.

The BE Difference

The Barre Evolution Difference
The Instruction

The Barre Evolution founders maintain a presence in our studios to nurture relationships with students and observe instructors. Method instructors are home grown and go through a rigorous 6-8 week program that includes technique training and many hours observing classes, assisting and mock teaching; all of this before ever stepping in front of an actual class.

In every class, students receive individual attention in a group setting. For those interested, we also offer private and semi-private sessions, and small group classes perfect for bridal parties, sorority gatherings and as a healthy alternative for a fun night out with friends.

The Studios

Not all barre studios are created equally. One step into our doors and a spa comes to mind, not sweat. More than a place to work out, we are a supportive community. We know your name and understand your needs.

We take every step possible to deliver an experience that stands on the shared tenets of our method, but is tailored to each student’s individual goals — whether you’re recovering from an injury, pregnant, living with a disability or new to barre.

The Barre Evolution Difference
The Barre Evolution Difference
The Experience

Warmth. Acceptance. High energy. Hard work. Results. Those are some of the hallmarks of the Barre Evolution experience. When students arrive for their first class, we work to put you at ease, reminding you that you’re in a judgement-free zone.

Whether you’re already fit but looking for tone, or you’re working through a pre-existing condition, we help you discover your unique path to greater strength and wellness.