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Raising the Barre: New Challenges

Are you ready to reach the next level in your BE practice? Over the next week, try these twelve challenges to see just how far you can go to “find your edge.” Can you complete them all?

Barre Evolution Boutique

Warm-up Section:

Make your transition from side plank to center plank seamless. Try not to drop to your knees when making this transition. Activate your core.

Complete all of your push-ups in full plank. Even if you don’t come down as far, practicing in perfect and full form gives the best results. Keep your booty low and pull your navel in.

During weights, pop your heels up to warm up your legs. Trying to balance activates your core and leg muscles making the exercises harder.


Thighs Section: Barre Evolution: Modifications Are Key

During small v, bring your hands to prayer for as much as the exercise as you can. Test your balance to find that shake even faster. 

At the moment that you want to come out of the exercise, stay in it for just 10 more seconds. Increase your endurance, and find your shake to change the shape of your muscles.

When the instructor says to come lower, actually sink down a little lower without losing form, even if just half of an inch. Increase your focus, endurance, and strength.

Glutes Section:

Bring your heels up into releve while working your glutes at the barre. Get a little extra work in your opposite glute and thigh area to really burn it out.

During foldover, take the full-arms-length away position for an extra challenge instead of resting your head on your arms or a hinged position. Activate your core, arm muscles, and lengthen your glute muscle even more.

During squats, don’t hold onto the barre. Step away while keeping the weight in your heels, and pull your navel in as you sink deeply into your squat. Feel the burn of your glutes even more as you work on your balance and core strength off the barre.


Abdominals Section: Barre Evolution: The BE Difference

During your second plank sequence, hold it for the entire time even if you have to drop to your knees. You are stronger now; you can do it! You just need to find that extra motivation in yourself.

During every core exercise, focus on pulling your navel in as far as it can go. Practice breathing from your chest rather than taking belly breaths. This alone can tone your abdominals.

Focus on keeping your abdominal movements small, just like you did during the thighs and glutes section. Squeeze your abdominals by pulling your navel in for the purpose of toning, not bulking up.


Extra Challenge: At the end of class, stay for the entire stretch. It is just as important to lengthen and stretch your muscles as it is to work your muscles. Challenge yourself to relax your mind and your body during the final few minutes.

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