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Review: Coobie Bra

Perfect in every way

I’m a huge fan of the Coobie bra. You won’t believe this, but it fits every bra size. I happen to be an A cup and I wear the same one that a woman with a D cup is wearing without feeling underprivileged. They are absolutely comfortable and perfect for low-impact workouts.

How does it hold up in class? Well, we’re not doing to much jumping or running around at Barre Evolution, obviously, so I gotta say the Coobie bra holds up just fine. It doesn’t have the constricting quality of most sports bras, but doesn’t leave you hanging either. There are pads inserts that you can remove if you want to lounge around at home, but when you have them in give you just enough coverage and support.

The biggest perk is absolute comfort. I’ve never worn a bra this comfortable, ever. You know how at the end of the day, the underwire is just making you crazy on a typical bra? Not with this one. No underwire, no constriction, pure comfort. I can wear it all day and not feel like I’m choking at the ribs when its time to go to bed. One of our Barre Evolution instructors says she even wears it to bed sometimes because it feels so nice.

You can pick one up at either of our locations in Mount Pleasant and West Ashley. Lots of fun colors and patterns to choose from!