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Sincerely, Maggie Marlow

By Guest Blogger, Maggie Marlow


I am a mother of two small boys, 3.5 and 17 months. I am a wife. I am a chef. I have a bachelors degree in special education. I am a woman who loves to play golf, exercise (especially barre classes) and walk with my dog and family in our neighborhood. I am a woman who has been blessed to find a career that not only allowed me to stay home with my boys but also combines two of my passions. That job is being a nutrition and fitness coach.

Getting my culinary degree was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I worked with talented people who inspired and pushed me out of my comfort zone to learn a skill that I will use for the rest of my life. I love the kitchen and I LOVE food!!! It is my happy place. It is where I can open my cupboards and combine food and spices to make delectable dishes. It is my science lab where there is always a reward at the end. I even got to meet this guy…


Unfortunately after graduating I found the restaurant industry just wasn’t for me.

At the age of 27 I went back to college for a degree in Special Education. I taught a multi-categorical K-2nd grade class in Charleston County School district for 4 years. In those years I fell in love with not only my students but again with challenging myself to find the right ingredient to fit every child. I challenged myself to find and use individual passions to help teach each student. I was able to combine their passions with education to help them flourish among typical students.


I was blessed to see my students reach their educational goals and challenge themselves in the process. I fell in love with teaching, helping, encouraging and motivating my students to fulfill their fullest potential. I will forever be thankful for my students and how they taught me to never give up!

And now my life has come full circle. I am now a stay at home mom who has made a carrier to help people reach their fullest potential. I am able to not only help people nourish their inside but their outside too! I have found a job where I can share my recipes and love for the kitchen while encouraging and motivating them to continue to work out and stay fit.

As a member of Barre Evolution, you have made the commitment to get in shape and we all know a healthy outside starts with the inside. You can’t out exercise bad nutrition so let me help you take the first steps in nourishing your body with the right foods.

I hope that I inspired you with my story and I hope one day I can be apart of yours!

Please contact me for more information. maggiemarlow918@yahoo.com or you can call me directly at 843-364-5485. You can also find me at barre every M/W/F at the 9:45 class in Mount Pleasant. I look forward to starting your journey with you!

Sincerely, Maggie Marlow