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Student Entrepreneur: Kathryn Peters of Seeking Indigo

Seeking Indigo

Kathryn Peters: Entrepreneur, Stylist, World Traveler, Seeker

My quest for embracing life as a spiritual seeker and catalyst for change has given me the unique opportunity to live life full out, and to inspire others in manifesting infinite possibility in their own lives.  Most recently my path brought me to Charleston, SC from New York City, where I was a fashion designer and stylist.

Opening Seeking Indigo was a dream come true. Seeking Indigo is a lifestyle brand featuring a hip retail store alongside an innovative spa, merging ancient healing with modern technology.We support a mind body spirit approach to living, with 6000 sq. ft of luxury fashion, unique spa treatments, a crystal gallery, yoga, detox center and style studio.

When I’m not at the store or spa, I’m often in the studio working with a client on our new exclusive profiling system that uncovers her unique style archetype. There are 36 total possibilities (I’m a rare blue autumn with natural Ingenue and a little bit of drama)! It’s important in my work for me to stay in shape and burn off excess energy.

Balancing work and life is challenging at times. Taking time for myself is essential so I can live my passion and show up fully with my work at Seeking Indigo. Barre Evolution is my GODSEND! In just one hour a day I can keep my body in shape with a great workout that stretches, tones and builds muscle in an efficient and fun way.