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The Barre Evolution Difference

The BE Difference

The fitness landscape is one which is continually growing and changing, which is exactly why we focus on continual evolution of the BE method to best suit your changing body and lifestyle. At times we are presented with the question, “why Barre Evolution?” To this question, we defer to the groundwork that constitutes “The BE Difference”:

  • Highly trained instructors, with the unique ability to provide modifications to fit your body’s needs.
  • A focus on proper positioning & alignment paramount.
  • No class is ever the same- from movement to music to instructor personality.
  • A supportive and diverse community.
  • Class variety and access to studios statewide.
  • Locally owned and operated.
  • We know your name and we care about helping you achieve your goals.
  • A method built for individuals of any shape, size and fitness level, suited for any stage of life.
  • Community commitment, guided by the framework of our nonprofit giving program.
  • A dynamic, PT-advised method backed by specialized certifications and ongoing training.

The Barre Evolution Difference