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A Tiny History Of Tiny Movements

Once Upon A Barre, Far Far Away…

Chapter I : Origin  
(pronounced “barr”) originated with London-based Lotte Burke Method in the 1970s. The original studio migrated to NYC and evolved into Core Fusion at Exhale Spa, which is now the only accrediting body for barre studios. Today only a handful of studios hold true barre accreditation- and we happen to be one of them (great find!) Barre Evolution was founded in Mt. Pleasant, SC in 2010 by Nancy Meyer and Nicole Wallen, who used a combined 20+ years of barre/pilates experience to develop the always-evolving Barre Evolution method.

Chapter II : Technique  

Barre exercises were developed to sculpt and tone those small, hard-to-reach muscle groups that go untouched by most fitness modalities. Our method is unscripted, which helps you to challenge those tiny muscles in different ways every time you take a class. That’s the reason that you will always be “happy sore” (as we call it) after our classes.

Chapter III:  Science  

Tiny, targeted movements and isometric holds work your muscles to fatigue. This builds lean muscle mass, which spikes your metabolic burn, builds core strength & stability; improves bone density; and increases flexibility. As we age, our muscle density decreases by 10% every decade after age 50, and barre fitness is built to provide low-impact, safe work to combat your body’s natural aging process. As with any consistent exercise regimen, you’ll feel happier, sleep better, and look incredible.

…and live happily ever after. Now, join us for class and put your knowledge to the test. Schedule now!