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Tips to Keep Your “New School Year’s” Resolutions on Track

In our newsletter this month, we talked about the sense of new possibilities and renewal that accompanies the back-to-school season. Our Barre Evolution students who are still enrolled probably feel it the most keenly, but even for those of us who have long since turned in our final homework assignment, the end of summer feels like a clean slate. That’s why the beginning of the school year is the perfect time pause and take stock of where you are in your personal evolution. With the whirlwind of summer break over and the chaos of the holidays months away, autumn is ideally suited for you to take a moment for yourself. It’s the perfect time to make a fitness resolution for yourself &nsbp; all the fun and empowerment of a New Year’s Resolution with none of the pressure and baggage!

Of course, as with any resolution, it helps to have a game plan. Here are our top 3 tips to keep you on track!

Team Up! The most consistent benefit we heard of from our Team Motivation Challenge participants this summer was how much their team members helped keep them coming back for more, even on days when they would have liked to stay in bed. Making a pact with a buddy is an effective and fun way to stay on track, and who better to pump you back up if your momentum should start to sputter than someone who’s got her eye on the same prize?

Keep It Real! We have an easier time focusing on a goal that’s in sight than one that’s will take years to reach (or is unattainable!). Working towards a big goal is great, but break it down into manageable steps along the way. Celebrate what you’re achieving &nsbp; it will make the journey more rewarding, and you’ll be more likely to stick to it.

Take Notes! Appropriate advice for Back-to-School season, right? When we write down our goals, they feel more real. Whether it’s a post-it on the fridge, a note in your diary, a reminder on your cell phone, or whatever form works for you, writing down your goals and your steps to achieving them will keep you focused.