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What Is Barre, Anyway?

You’ve seen it. Heard about it. Maybe you’ve even taken a class. But still, you may be afraid to ask. What is barre, anyway?

In a nutshell, barre is an exercise that uses a person’s own body weight for resistance, working to tone, strengthen and shape the body.  The barre, itself, does nothing more than provide a tool to change your body shape in space; provide a tool resistance; and support your balance.

The modality, itself, is rooted in dance warm-ups conducted prior to a practice or performance. Besides a few positioning cues – such as plie and releve – and an emphasis on building strength in proper alignment, and a muscular physique that is lean — not bulky — there is very little shared with ballet, or a dance class for that matter. So, if you are not of the coordinated type, not a problem.

When created, and taught properly, barre classes are known for building strength, flexibility, endurance, lean thighs, lifted seats, toned abdominals, sculpted arms, backs and upper bodies, with little to no impact or risk of injury.  There are very few muscles, if any, that a barre class does not engage. It is true head-to-toe conditioning at its finest.

With a continuous practice of varied barre class formats – Barre Evolution offers many – 3-4 times a week, you can meet the four pillars of a well rounded fitness lifestyle of cardio activity, strength, balance and flexibility. If your heart belongs to sport or another modality, 1-2 barre classes a week in combination with your weekly passion can re-energize your workout, improve endurance in your sport or compliment cardio with much needed flexibility and tone.

Regardless of your focus, barre classes can take you on a journey to a stronger, leaner and happier, healthier you.  For now, and in the future.

Inspiration for this blog is shared from Fred Devito, barre guru and Co-creator of the esteemed Core Fusion method originating in NYC.