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Why Support Local?

According to Lowcountry Local First (LLF), when consumers opt to support locally owned businesses in the Lowcountry, 45% of dollars spent stay within our community.  When buying from non-local retailers and businesses, only 14% of funds stay within our community; a number that drops to zero when purchases are made with national/international online vendors. According to LLF, this influx of local revenue is essential for “local business growth, strong schools, safer streets and an overall increased quality of life”. When our money stays local, we are directly supporting the growth of our community.


With such a wide array of local retailers, there is really no need to relegate your holiday spending to big box stores and national chains. Here are our top 4 reasons to shop small this season:

  1. Black Friday can be painful. Long lines, cranky shoppers, and the same deals that (deep down) you know you will litter your inbox, mailbox, and subconscious for weeks to come. Why not sleep in, grab brunch with your girlfriends, and then spend your time shopping Small Business Saturday. There’s something to be said  about strolling through local stores where- *gasp*- they may even remember you the next time you go shopping.
  2. Some credit cards Reward Shopping Small. Check with your credit card company- some types of cards (such as American Express) reward shoppers for spending locally with small businesses. You may even be eligible for increased rewards or statement credits for shopping on Small Business Saturday.
  3. Strengthen your community. Local business owners are your neighbors, and (depending on the type of store) the products/services you buy may also originate from locals. When you buy a local product or service, you are creating demand for local jobs. There is a considerable ripple effect that occurs when you make the decision to purchase something produced locally.
  4. Find unique products and services. The beauty of local stores is their ability to cater their product offering to the local community. You’re more likely to find a variety of interesting wares and services suited to your needs and interests. For example, at BE we add and change classes to meet the needs of our local clients. Why? Because we can take the time to understand what they want and have the flexibility make necessary changes.

As for Barre Evolution, our little team is proud to be a local, women-owned small business in a growing landscape of big box boutique fitness. As someone who has worked for big corporations, there is something very special about making business decisions over the dining room table with a cat walking across your computer. Not only that, but when we receive suggestions or feedback from a single client, it can warrant big changes- because that is the very reason that we do what we do.  We’re fortunate to have studios in three local-centric areas of South Carolina- Greenville, Charleston and Mt. Pleasant. In each of these cities, we find that residents understand the value of local vs. national brands. It’s a pleasure to see the preservation and appreciation of small business, both among local consumers and tourists.

Still finding it hard to part ways with your old big box ways? Give it a shot this Holiday season. You won’t regret it!